Deodorants and Antiperspirant Ingredients Market to Reach $2.40 Billion by 2022

Rising per capita disposable income, improving lifestyles, increased propensity to spend, attractive packaging, enhanced demand from the youth for quality products, are few driving factors in the Global Deodorants & Antiperspirant Ingredients Market

Deodorants include fragrances and antimicrobial agents to reduce unpleasant body odour resulting from microbial growth. Antiperspirants are personal hygiene products which use pore blocking agents such as aluminium salts to reduce perspiration.

Deodorants and antiperspirants have alcohol and aluminium salt as major ingredients. Alcohol is a major ingredient of deodorants and perspirants and the growth in this segment will be consistent. Due to the growing consumer concerns about aluminium deposits on skin being carcinogenic, novel variations of aluminium salts are emerging. Fragrances segment is the fastest growing segment among all the ingredients used in deodorants and perspirants.

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The global deodorants and antiperspirant ingredients market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period to reach $2.40 billion by 2022.

The Global deodorants and antiperspirant ingredients market is segmented and analysed by the following ingredient types- Alcohol, Aluminium Salts, Antimicrobials, Base Material, Fragrances, Conditioners, Parabens & Propellants and Others

The Global deodorants and antiperspirant ingredients market is segmented and analysed by the following product types- Aerosol Spray, Roll-on Antiperspirant, Sticks and Solid Antiperspirants, Creams and Wipe Deodorants and Others.

The Global deodorants and antiperspirant ingredients market is segmented and analysed by the following geographies- Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and ROW. Asia Pacific region is predicted to grow the fastest with the rapidly-developing economies of China and India propelling the growth. North America and Europe are expected to witness decent growth during the forecast period, largely driven by the growth of novel ingredients in response to the stringent regulatory guidelines.

The prominent vendors in the market are Beiersdorf AG, Henkel AG, Evonik Industries, Avon Product Inc. and BASF.

“We all have seen the buoyant growth of deodorants and antiperspirants market over the last couple of years. With the changing market dynamics, the ingredients market has also evolved and is positioned at a much better level than they were a decade ago. These changing dynamics with changing consumer preferences and concerns have always led to innovation in ingredients, offering better and improved products. This phenomenon shall continue and coupled with increasing end-user penetration in developing countries, the ingredients market is expected to be on its highest growth trajectory over the next 8–10 years.” –  Ankur Kalra, Chemicals and Materials, Infoholic Research

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Report Insights

·         The report entails drivers, restraints, and opportunities (DRO) affecting the market growth over the forecast period

·         This report not only highlights users’ conundrum but also brings in their perspective on the market

·         This Report undertakes a detailed analysis of the global deodorants and antiperspirant ingredients market

·         The study also understands and covers the competitive scenario of the market with respect to major players, their branding strategies and differentiating factors

·         The study also covers supply and regulatory aspects to ensure a 360° view, bringing out the key industry insights

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